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Penaut butter

500g Peanut butter paste is a product made of groundnuts or peanuts and is used as an ingredient in sauces, cookies, crackers, breakfast cereals and ice cream. Peanut paste is the main ingredient of peanut butter. It well blended and can be eaten raw or used in making soup. Peanut Paste 500g Panda Kaas PCD
5.59€ (42.12kn)
1kg = 11.18€ (84.24kn)

Peanutbutter (Multilabel)

500g Quality PCD Peanut Butter is soft and creamy and tastes like fresh roasted peanuts. Especially in Indonesia and the Philippines, it is an important part of many dishes and sauces e.g. satay sauces. In Western cuisine peanut butter is often used for baking. Try PCD Peanut Butter as a sandwich spread - incredibly tasty!
5.59€ (42.12kn)
1kg = 11.18€ (84.24kn)

Peanutbutter Sugarfree 100%

500g Roasted PEANUTS 100%(No Sugar Added)
5.59€ (42.12kn)
1kg = 11.18€ (84.24kn)
Euro Exchange Rate   7,53450