Protection of privacy


The privacy statement is an integral part of the Terms of Business of Čičmak i sinovi d.o.o. and refers to the privacy of personal data collected and used on the pages of the and under what conditions and to whom we disclose it. We keep your data first and foremost and you can always access, change or remove it altogether.
We collect, process and preserve data to ensure that your experience of using the site is the most enjoyable and the security of the data at the highest
level. We have implemented this using state-of-the-art encryption methods and choosing partners who have experience and reputation behind them.
For the purpose of full transparency and maximum security when using our site, we ask customers to read this statement carefully.
If you agree with the statement, electronic confirmation implies that you have understood our Terms and Conditions and give us your consent to collect, process and share the data in accordance with this statement and legal provisions.
The privacy statement of Čičmak i sinovi d.o.o. can be amended at any time by posting on the page and these changes take effect upon publication on the
site. For the same reason, we ask customers to periodically check the page for potential changes to the Terms of Business as they will not be explicitly informed of the changes.
By registering on the website, we ask you for some
information. We use the information we ask of you through registration to provide the highest quality service and for market research and resolution of complaints and disputes.

Čičmak i sinovi d.o.o. will share the personal data of the buyer according to needs, that is, when the situation requires it. Situations in which this is necessary are:

  1. The services of distribution of goods with which Čičmak i sinovi d.o.o. have an agreed relationship and the conditions of protection of personal data within the legal framework are met.
  2. Credit and debit card billing service on e-commerce company Čičmak i sinovi d.o.o. In the case of sharing information during card payments, the card billing provider is obliged to keep the data in accordance with legal frameworks, and store it in accordance with the PCI DSS certificate in order to meet the highest level of data protection, storage and processing.

In accordance with the distribution services, the partners with whom Čičmak i sinovi d.o.o. are in an agreed relationship have the right to ask the customer for his ID card at the time of delivery of the shipment. In the event that the buyer does not have an identity card, or other appropriate identification document, and it is not possible to determine the identity of the person, the courier has the right to refuse the delivery.
For the purpose of ensuring quality use of our site, we use various modern technologies and
tools. One of these tools and technologies are cookies and Google Analytics. Cookies represent a set of information that is stored on your personal computer at the time of browsing the website. The purpose of cookies is to store information about some of your settings and behavior on the Internet. In addition to simple information, cookies can store a large number of personal information discount names and email addresses, but you must give consent to the same in order to store it. If you have not enabled the same, cookies will not be able to access files and data. Although the actions of storing and sending cookies to you are not visible, they can be deleted or set automatic acceptance or rejection of cookies through internet browser settings. There are two types of cookies and these are temporary and persistent cookies. Temporary cookies are stored on your computer and are automatically deleted upon closing the web browser. Persistent cookies remain stored in your web browser even upon closing but usually have an expiration date. The most often, information is stored that would facilitate access to registered users, resulting in opportunities for the user to be remembered, that is, not to have to log in again and again every time.
For the purpose of providing a better service and understanding the needs of users, we use the Google Analytics tool to monitor user
interaction. Although Google records a large number of information such as geographic and demographic indicators, your data is protected and there is no way to personally identify users. Information about users' IP addresses exists but is protected and is not shared by Google.
By giving consent and logging into our newsletter list, you give us permission to contact you for marketing and informational purposes that may include sending SMS, e-mails, letters or phone
calls. We will make sure that the information we send is in accordance with your interests and generally useful information for you as our loyal user. In case you do not want us to contact you with the newsletter anymore, just sign out with the same pressure on the link "Unsubscribe".
It is important to know that at any time, in whole or in part, you can withdraw your consent to the activities of processing your personal data and marketing activities directed towards you free of charge and without any explanation..

In the event of a data breach or breach of data integrity within our or the database of one of our contracting partners, we will notify the competent authorities and all relevant persons within 72 hours of the resulting

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