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Coconut Milk for Cooking

400 ml Coconut milk from Aroy-D consists of 70% coconut extract. Due to the thicker coconut milk/cream, it is ideal for cooking, which makes the dish creamy and creamy. Coconut milk is made from grated pulp of the coconut that is mixed and kneaded with water. The first squeezed thick mixture is called coconut cream or santan and the second pressing is called coconut milk. In Asian and Indonesian cuisine coconut milk is very common, it is prepared in sweet or savory dishes.
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Coconut Cream 20-22% Fat

400 ml Real Thai is a well-known brand made of spicy ingredients that delights your food preparations The real thai coconut cream is one of the pre-processed foods that serve you best with its rich and original taste. our coconuts provide beneficial nutrition along with a purely authentic taste of coconut cream that not only enhances the taste of traditional Thai dishes but also mixes perfectly with bakeries and refreshments. For preparing curry or for adding in your dishes, this coconut cream adds immense flavour and aroma to the food. No Artificial Colors Added, No Preservatives Added & No Artificial Flavour Added
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1liter = 8.62€ (64.95kn)


80 G
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Basmati Rice

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